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    Dr. Farah Sayani

    Dr. Farah Sayani has been at Georgia & Thurlow Chiropractic since 2011. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Western States Chiropractic College. Dr. Sayani became a chiropractor after she had exceptional results from chiropractic treatment for low back pain and she felt that if a natural hands on approach to health care could help her so dramatically, she would love to help others find relief by providing chiropractic care. Dr. Sayani has seen many different types of problems in her time as a chiropractor and has learned lots of sneaky tricks to help patients get better. Dr. Sayani uses a variety of chiropractic techniques, a number of sophisticated modalities, and provides auxillary treatments like ART (Active Release Technique) and computerized gait scanning to help her get you better.‚Äč


    Carley is a Douglas College graduate from the Medical Office Administration Program. She graduated on the Dean's list with a 4.0 GPA!! Carley chose to pursue a career in the Chiropractic field because of her grandfather's amazing recovery from chiropractic adjustments after years of chronic back pain.

    Carley has many interests and hobbies! She grew up dancing her whole life. She did Irish Dancing competitively for 8 years and became a regional champion. Other dance styles included jazz, hip hop, ballet, lyrical and modern. Now, Carley found her new love and passion in weight lifting/body building. Everything from heavy deadlifts, squats, benching, pull-ups, etc... she is stronger than she looks!

    Carley also likes to cook and bake food... and eat it too! Her guilty pleasure is coconut and chocolate. She watches Grey's Anatomy and Big Bang Theory over and over and over and over again!

    Carley will be the cheery, smiley face who greets you at each visit with us here at Georgia & Thurlow Chiropractic!

    If you are looking for a chiropractor to help with your problem  please give us a call.  We will do our best to help you!  As well, this site is packed with interesting information - please have a look through it!





    About Chiropractic

    About Chiropractic

    Chiropractic has been helping people with musculoskeletal pain for over 110 years.


    Back Pain Relief

    Back Pain

    Chiropractic restores the health and mobility of the spine to provide lasting, effective relief of back pain.


    Neck Pain Relief

    Neck Pain

    Chiropractic can correct dysfunctions in the spine to relieve neck pain and disability.

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