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    We are extremely excited to re-open the clinic and be able to provide patient care again, however, we do have to abide by some new guidelines set by the province and the College of Chiropractors in order to protect everyone. We have installed a plexiglass barrier at the front desk and floor decals to help us all abide by physical distancing guidelines. We will also be wearing appropriate PPE and we are disinfecting all tables and surfaces after every treatment.

    We will also be implementing some new protocols for clients to abide by in order to keep everyone entering our office safe. We ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines:

    1) Please arrive on time for your appointments in order to minimize traffic in the waiting area. If you are not able to make it for your appointment time, please call Lynn and let her know so that she can rebook you for another spot.

    2) Please use the physical distancing floor decals in order to maintain an appropriate distance from others and from the front desk.

    3) Verbal or written Covid-19 screening questions may be asked at the time of booking your appointment.

    4) If you are sick, have been travelling or have been in direct contact with someone that is sick, please reschedule your appointment. If you arrive for your appointment and exhibit any signs of being ill, we will unfortunately have to cancel your appointment.

    5) We will not be accepting any cash payments at this time.

    6) ALL PATIENTS MUST WEAR A MASK IN THE OFFICE. If you do not have a mask, you may purchase one from us for $2.

    7) Patients are asked to please come alone (unless you are needing assistance) as our waiting area is small.

    Thank You!!


    Dr. Farah Sayani

    georgia & thurlow chiropractic dr farah SayaniDr. Farah Sayani

    Dr. Farah Sayani has been at Georgia & Thurlow Chiropractic since 2011. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Western States Chiropractic College. Dr. Sayani became a chiropractor after she had exceptional results from chiropractic treatment for low back pain and she felt that if a natural hands on approach to health care could help her so dramatically, she would love to help others find relief by providing chiropractic care. Dr. Sayani has seen many different types of problems in her time as a chiropractor and has learned lots of tricks to help patients get better. Dr. Sayani uses a variety of chiropractic techniques, a number of sophisticated modalities, and provides auxillary treatments like ART (Active Release Technique) and computerized gait scanning to help her get you better.

    Lynn will be the cheery, smiley face who greets you at each visit with us here at Georgia & Thurlow Chiropractic!

    If you are looking for a chiropractor to help with your problem  please give us a call.  We will do our best to help you!  As well, this site is packed with interesting information - please have a look through it!





    About Chiropractic

    About Chiropractic

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    Back Pain

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