Georgia Thurlow Chiropractic


- L.L. sends protocols to all patients when they book an appointment
- New patients must fill out forms before appointment (emailed forms preferred)
- L.L. asks screening questions to all patients when they arrive for their appointment
- Patients no longer use VAS sliding tool
- L.L. no longer takes patients to room but instead tells them which room to go to in order to limit interaction
- payment must be done through the hole in plexiglass barrier at front desk – NO CASH
- patients booked with longer intervals in between (30 min intervals preferred) to eliminate interaction and traffic in waiting area – operating at 30-50% 
- All surfaces disinfected after EVERY patient and at the end of day: chiropractic tables, door handles, front door handles, moneris machine
- Surfaces to be disinfected twice a day: front desk, plexiglass barrier, chairs in waiting room, all surfaces in the back room (photocopier, hot water dispenser, sink and tap, etc), black folders
- L.L. wears gloves while disinfecting or thoroughly washes hands after 
- F.S. and L.L. wash hands upon arriving to the clinic, before and after breaks and at end of day
- F.S. and L.L. always 2m apart and not to be together in the back room at the same time
- When there are no appointments booked, we will not be in the office and L.L. will check emails from home
- Report feeling sick or interaction with covid-19 positive patient immediately!

L.L. training occurred on: _________May 19, 2020_____________
To be updated when necessary by F.S. or L.L.